Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Set up done and a personal introduction

Yes well I'm more or less set with the way I want this thing to look.  Got it all nice and working,  I gotta say this Blogger thing is actually surprisingly well put together and the only problems I've had with it personally is things not popping up thanks to adblocker plus......

Alright an introduction is in order now I suppose.....  Where to start.....
Well I'm Woto in case you haven't guessed, I intend to blog about anime, manga, computers, games, pretty much anything from the current kingdom of Nerddom that rules these vast internetz.  I'm a Student for the time being studying for a Bachelor in Computer Sciences with a major in Service Sciences and a random minor in Psychology because who doesn't want a minor in psychology.  My main field of interest in the kingdom would go to Anime,  I watch far too much of it and it more or less runs my life although I've had a recent increase in gaming which is slowly leveling out the playing field!

Top 5 Anime:
1. Strike Witches - what can I say, I'm a sucker for a lady without pants
2. Bakemonogatari - talking heads interest me and I speak enough Japanese to get most of it without help
3. Kara no Kyoukai - Talking heads with awesome animation and badass fights thrown in for good measure
4. Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Nanoha - Magic, Lolis, Befrending,  there's also a story in there as well I'm sure of it
5. Sousei no Aquarion - Orgasmic combat and GATTAI next question

What I'm watching this season:
Maken-ki, Haganai, Guilty Crown, IDOLM@STER, Penguin Drum, Persona, Un-GO, C^3, Fate Zero, Shana Final, Ben-to, Horizon, Maji Koi and Mirai Nikki.  A longer list than usual but it's gonna be nothing compared to next season.

I might get some flame for this but I'm still reading Naruto and Bleach,  don't know why it's just I've been reading them for so long I feel like somethings gone wrong whenever I try and give them up.  The only other manga I'm reading on a regualr basis is Kami Nomi, Hayate, Negima and Medaka Box,  I generally try to read finished manga just because it's that much easier to load a full series up on to my tablet and read it off that than any other way.

While I did say that I've been playing more games recently I can't say much about them,  I have a friend who plays Tekken seriously and keeps roping me into playing it so that more or less takes up my fighting game playing although I do still enjoy a bit of Melty Blood Act Cadenza,  I play Kohaku normally because none of the others feel fast enough for the way I like to play my fighters.  For FPS' I just stick to the simple ones,  TF2 when I feel like it and L4D for the same reasons with less consistency...... I've been playing some old visual novels lately which I've been enjoying,  I want to do a good write up on Cross Channel which is top class material in my books and I'm slowly playing Chaos;Head Love CHUCHU on my PSP for no real reason whatsoever.  Waiting on Skyrim.... Yea......

Well I think that's about as much as I have in me in 1 sitting but I hope if you share my interests or preferences you'll stick around and have a read

Coming together

Well I've got the basic build up now with all the basics I want just waiting for acceptance from adsense and Amazon affiliates and hopefully that will fix up the Amazon Wish List box and add some adsense ads so that this thing can get some momentum that isn't me in a good mood the morning after my last exam for this year.

To the nobody out there, any views, opinions, what I could do better,  what I'm doing bad,  mainly on the design side I want this to look alright before I really start.  Someone said something about a warm home welcomes and to be honest they probably didn't and I'm just talking out my ass but it's the point behind the statement..... I think........

edit: and did I mention Anonymous posting for comments?  that's something you can take good advantage of!

First one up

Hi there nobody

Start things off now I guess,  this is something I've been thinking of doing for ages and have never got around to,  making my very own Blog Tuturu~.  It'll mostly be Anime, game and computer bits related if you rally care.  I'll try to throw stuff up randomly hopefully on a weekly basis, it might be reviews of anything from games I'm playing to the quality of fansubs or just simple ranting.

Hope this all works out........